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Shay. Tiffany Kidrikow blocked me on twitter and instagram. Pretty fuckin legit. I dedicate this blog to anyone who has been personally affected by Tiffany Kudrikow. And remember: I'm not mean, just honest.
shaydesu. shayisbasic.

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Anonymous asked: what's tiffany's tumblr? sorry you're the only one i could ask :)

from what i know, she doesn’t have one. :(

More excuses

I kinda got grounded this month bc bullshit but i’m not anymore heh. And midterms next week so i have to spend this week studying sigh. Love you all be back soon x

ayy update number 2

okay so i have a few projects and midterms coming up so my hopes of being more active once again have to be pushed back but stg i will try to be online as much as possible!


"um… ur bra is showing"

When Mr. Krabs wore this.

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Alrighty y’all here’s the dealio (dealy-o? Idfk)

so i’ve been pretty preoccupied with school and running my other blog and whatnot. So i haven’t found a lot of time to really watch any of tiffany’s videos or keep up with her twitter so i have no idea as to what’s going on in foof-land, whether good or bad so i’m asking if you guys could help fill me in on what’s been happening so i can make this blog more active. I’d try to scroll on the tags myself but it’s like 2 am here and i have school in the morning so i don’t really have a lot of time to scroll on it myself. When i do find the time, i’ll do it. Also, some of you guys have been sending me anons and stuff but the tumblr push-notification system is still a little buns and i don’t check my side blogs as often as i should but i’ll try to be more active with this one and post as much as possible. If anything, send me your opinions on tiffany or anything you’d want me to express my opinion on about her. In essence, send me asks and junk i love interacting with you guys because i love you all tbh. (Hate is welcome also but not recommended)

Anonymous asked: If you say "foofs don't send me hate" while you have made an entire hate blog for Tiffany then you're just as hypocritical as she is. I'm sorry, I don't like Tiffany either, not whatsoever, but it's completely unfair for you to constantly criticize her for being a hypocrite when you do pretty much the same thing.

it’s not really a hate blog. I’m not openly stating my hate for her (genuinely because i don’t hate her). i just want people to know how she is and my personal opinion on her. I’m not hating on her (making fun of her? — probably)

Anonymous asked: Is kudrikow pronounced koo-drih-ko or kuh-dree-ko



when someone insults your favorite band


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lol did i really just use “xx” wtf

i haven’t posted anything in a while, so i’ll get back on that today. I haven’t spent a lot of time on the tag, nor kept up with tiffany’s antics so i’ll get on it as soon as i finish this essay that’s due at noon xx